This grappaglas from Chef & Sommelier is designed for all your spirits. Fill it up with your favorite limoncello or your liquor to accompany your coffee after dinner. Due to the form which gives your spirits room to breathe, the aromas will have a great chance to elevate themselves. With the elegant long stem it suits every table setting. 


The Open Up line of Chef & Sommelier is known for their unique form of the glasses. Not only do the different sizes each have a advantage for a different kind of wine, all of the design features have a specific meaning. The fine rims on the top of the glass provide a pleasent feel against the lips when tasting and drinking your favorite wines. The upper part of the bowls is rounded inwards so the aromas of the wines are fully concentrated inside. The angels in the glassware release molecules, and set a perfect line for always pouring the right amount. The bases are totally flat, which means nog depressions in water can gather after you wash them in the dishwasher.

All and all, every little details is thought of in this unique and original design of the Open Up glassware; making it a joy to look at and drink from.

Grappaglass Ambient 16,5 cl - Chef & Sommelier Open Up (Set of 6)

SKU: U1062
€ 38,58Price
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    ø7xH:17,9 cm


    16,5 cl


    Kwarx Glass




    Chef & Sommelier


    Open Up

    Number of pieces/box


    Dishwasher safe


    Oven safe


    Microwave safe


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