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In the beginning of march this year, the Dutch television aired a television program about coated cookware which has caused some concern and raised a lot of questions.


We want to ensure you that the frying pans of Scanpan as shown on our website are made out of Stratanium. This coating does not contain any dangerous or forbidden substances.

Scanpan as a manufacturer, are under strict observation and have EU regulations to follow.


At Scanpan they strive to only use high-end components, produced under the highest level of regulations on earth. There is no PFOA or GEN-X in the products. 

The products of Scanpan are made with the substance PTFE. 

The World Helath Organization (WHO), the European Authority for Food safety (EFSA) and American Food and Drug Administration have all confirmed that PTFE is safe and does not constitute any health risks.

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